Lauren Wolk Visits!

Yesterday we were so lucky to have author, Lauren Wolk visit with our 7th and 8th graders. Her talk was beyond phenomenal. Our students were polite, engaged, and had a lot of thought provoking questions for her. She spoke about her background and how it helped her to write Wolf Hollow. She discussed with the students the importance of helping others, listening to stories passed down through the generations, and understanding how to be descriptive for your audience. I was truly inspired, and was in awe how easy it was for her to create such poetic literary works (in just 3 months time)!

I look forward to whenever her next book is completed and published, because I know it will be beautiful. And, I think the students have a new appreciation for Wolf Hollow and the writing process.



Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

I cannot believe summer is over, phew, that went FAST! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun summer!

Today marks a new school year, with many changes abound! Today we began advisory groups across the building for all students. Ten 7th grade students were paired with me, from Team 3, and will start their day each morning in the library. We’ll do short activities, get to know each other, and I am one person that my group can always come to if they need help with ANYTHING! I am sure everyone was a bit overwhelmed today, so hopefully as the week goes on we will get into a good routine to set us up for the year!

Students will begin their library orientations starting at the end of next week, and continuing through September. They will learn about library rules, after school programs, and check out a book!

Next week, on September 14th we are SO lucky to have author, Lauren Wolk visiting with us. Wolk is the author of Wolf Hollow and Beyond the Bright Sea. I am so excited to pick her brain concerning these two books. One may sound familiar, as Wolf Hollow was assigned for both 7th/8th grade summer reading. I like to say, it’s a younger version of To Kill a Mockingbird. I highly recommend both of her stories for adults as well.

I am looking forward to another great year, and will leave you with this, my 2017/2018 motto gracing the library bulletin board this year:image1 (35)

Maker Club Wraps Up!

The time has come…we had our last meeting of Maker Club yesterday. 😦 Students finished their fairy houses, perler bead projects, and littleBits creations. The fairy house project had been called “Miniature House Design” because honestly, I wasn’t sure that middle school students would want to make a fairy house. I thought they might be too cool for that. Turns out, they think they are cool, so calling them fairy houses didn’t bother anyone! Anyway, the fairy houses turned out awesome. The plan had been to showcase them at Highfield Hall next year, BUT a student just told me HH only runs their fairy house program every other year. BUT, why not bring the masses to Lawrence to showcase fairy houses?? I think we have a new idea on our hands!

When we first collected our nature materials, my office very closely resembled a forest…


While I am glad to have my office back, the project really was very fun and I am excited to amp it up next year!

Enjoy some of the creations:

Welcome, June!

Wow, it’s June. The summer is SO close, and we’ve been busy in the library with projects! MCAS testing just finished, so the library is open again full-time. We FINALLY finished our Stick Together project, and Maker Club has started working on miniature houses made using materials found in nature (and in the library). Enjoy the pictures below of our last few weeks!

image1 (28)

Building miniature houses. Students are working on a mansion and a house boat!

image1 (29)

A 7th grader has started construction on a tree house

image1 (30)

In just one hour, this tree house looks AMAZING! Also, I can’t believe it’s standing!

image1 (31)

A group of Totoros using Perler Beads!

image1 (32)


image1 (33)

It’s that time of year…all library books are due FRIDAY!

Ain’t No Party Like a Meme Party!

In less than ONE MONTH all library books are due! And, you 8th graders might remember the memes that hung on every wall last year as a constant reminder to return your overdue books! The memes will be back this year…and better than ever!

My challenge to you: create an awesome meme for Ms. Hines to hang around school.


  1. It must be APPROPRIATE! No violence or bad language!
  2. It needs to talk about overdue books, or returning books to the library.
  3. It should be silly!

Give me your BEST! Due by June 6th! See Ms. Hines for more details.

awkward seal meme

Gracing the halls this June…AWKWARD SEAL!

I’ve Got An Idea!

I love seeing students’ creativity in the makerspace. I’ve mentioned before, the Perler Beads are a hot commodity. Many students find templates of their favorite characters online so they can copy that, but others wing it entirely and come up with some awesome designs! The particular student below always makes his own designs, and I thought this light bulb was just awesome…it looks straight out of a cartoon! Well done!


Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a fantastic April vacation! Just about 2 more months until summer vacation (but who’s counting?). The library may seem different today, because…WE FINALLY GOT NEW CHAIRS (also some new books)!!

The LMC has had the same wooden chairs for about 20+ years, so I have been told. It was beyond time to get some newer furniture in here. With thanks to Falmouth Community School, we now have 60 new chairs! They are much safer, more comfortable and won’t break when students lean back in them, and easily stack for any maneuvering they might need when community organizations meet in here.


We now have chairs at every table! 

This week MCAS testing will begin, and the library may have some strange hours. Nothing is set in stone yet, but keep your eyes, and ears open, for any news!


Making some progress on our art project!