Speed Dating! …with a book

The 7th graders might be a little young to start speed dating, but when you’re speed dating with a book, no one is too young! Mrs. Hennessy’s class read a book of their choice, created a dating profile for their book, and then went on many “dates” to try and find “the one”. Many students had amazing dates, and left school with a new date in hand (and by date, I mean BOOK). The library was lucky enough to be given some of the book posters to hang up….come check them out, and see if you can find your perfect match. ❤

image1 (5)image2


First Book Club – “Liar and Spy”

Today we had our first book club. This month we read, “Liar and Spy” by Rebecca Stead (as discussed 2 posts below). We discussed some of the themes, the idea of the main characters being both liars and spies, and whether the narrator was reliable. A really neat part in the book is the developing friendships through the story, and how Georges learns to fit in (*spoiler alert*: by being himself). To show solidarity on being different, his capture the flag team draws blue dots on their hand and continues to do so after the story has finished, to leave the reader with the idea that Georges has seemingly found his place in the crazy land of middle school.

To show our solidarity as a book group, and because it’s a fun idea, the students had the idea to follow suit. If your kids come home with blue dots on their hands, or you see a student with a blue dot on their palm in the hallway, you’ll know why. image1 (4)

Our next book will be: “Sword of Summer” by Rick Riordan. The library has 6 copies on Kindles that students are allowed to borrow with a parent and student signed permission form.

“George” by Alex Gino

On November 10 @ 7PM at the Morse Pond School, author Alex Gino will speak about his book, “George”. Morse Pond School, Lawrence School, Falmouth High School, and Eight Cousins Book Store are working together to promote this book and important event.

“George” chronicles the life of George, who, although was born a boy, identifies as a girl. She is coming to terms with her gender identity, while only in 4th grade. Her dream is to play Charlotte in her school’s production of Charlotte’s Web, but how will the school react to a boy playing a girl’s role? It’s a wonderful and important read that explores gender identity, fitting in, friendships, and the importance of support from those around you.

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Book Musings

This week the Lawrence LMC has its first book club meeting; we are reading “Liar and Spy” by Rebecca Stead. I hope this is just one of many books we will read together this school year. I finished “Liar and Spy” this weekend, and enjoyed it tremendously.

liar and spy

The story follows Georges (named after artist, Georges Seurat), who has recently moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. It is there that he meets Safer, who runs a Spy Club, and has recruited Georges to help him on a very important mission. Safer is tracking his neighbor, Mr. X, but as Georges becomes more involved in the mission, he also begins to question his friendship with Safer and what is the difference between being a spy and playing a game. This story deeply examines themes such as friendship, bullying, coming-of-age, family, and more. Georges is a well-developed character, and the reader is able to see him change and mature throughout the book and look towards the “big picture” in life.

I am definitely interested to hear what the students thought of this book, and whether they believed that Georges was an accurate representation of a 7th grade student.

Beyond book club, I have begun posting what I am reading on my computer, and I have to say, students have been asking me about my book choices quite a bit! It’s great to get the conversation going on the different genres out there, and even if the book I am reading isn’t available for them, I am able to find some similar titles for them in the meantime. IMG_2724

It’s a new year, and a new librarian!

Welcome to the Lawrence School Library Media Center’s blog! I am Ms. Hines, the newest library media specialist. I am so excited to be here and to be helping the students at Lawrence become effective users of information, lifelong learners, and lovers of literature!

What has been happening in the library?

A lot has been happening since school started in September. Students visited the LMC throughout the first few weeks to meet me, introduce themselves, and learn a bit more about how they can effectively use the library.

The 8th graders in both Mrs. Nimtz’s Community Services Learning classes and Mr. O’Connor’s social studies workshop visited the library for discussion around research basics:

  • searching the Internet,
  • searching the library catalog
  • searching the library’s databases
  • utilizing Boolean Operators (connectors for keyword search terms),
  • pros/cons of Wikipedia
  • evaluating websites

See the presentation for Mr. O’Connor’s class here: O’Connor – Research Process