Book Musings

This week the Lawrence LMC has its first book club meeting; we are reading “Liar and Spy” by Rebecca Stead. I hope this is just one of many books we will read together this school year. I finished “Liar and Spy” this weekend, and enjoyed it tremendously.

liar and spy

The story follows Georges (named after artist, Georges Seurat), who has recently moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. It is there that he meets Safer, who runs a Spy Club, and has recruited Georges to help him on a very important mission. Safer is tracking his neighbor, Mr. X, but as Georges becomes more involved in the mission, he also begins to question his friendship with Safer and what is the difference between being a spy and playing a game. This story deeply examines themes such as friendship, bullying, coming-of-age, family, and more. Georges is a well-developed character, and the reader is able to see him change and mature throughout the book and look towards the “big picture” in life.

I am definitely interested to hear what the students thought of this book, and whether they believed that Georges was an accurate representation of a 7th grade student.

Beyond book club, I have begun posting what I am reading on my computer, and I have to say, students have been asking me about my book choices quite a bit! It’s great to get the conversation going on the different genres out there, and even if the book I am reading isn’t available for them, I am able to find some similar titles for them in the meantime. IMG_2724


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