First Book Club – “Liar and Spy”

Today we had our first book club. This month we read, “Liar and Spy” by Rebecca Stead (as discussed 2 posts below). We discussed some of the themes, the idea of the main characters being both liars and spies, and whether the narrator was reliable. A really neat part in the book is the developing friendships through the story, and how Georges learns to fit in (*spoiler alert*: by being himself). To show solidarity on being different, his capture the flag team draws blue dots on their hand and continues to do so after the story has finished, to leave the reader with the idea that Georges has seemingly found his place in the crazy land of middle school.

To show our solidarity as a book group, and because it’s a fun idea, the students had the idea to follow suit. If your kids come home with blue dots on their hands, or you see a student with a blue dot on their palm in the hallway, you’ll know why. image1 (4)

Our next book will be: “Sword of Summer” by Rick Riordan. The library has 6 copies on Kindles that students are allowed to borrow with a parent and student signed permission form.


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