As a means to offer the students more than just books and research help, the Lawrence LMC is working to provide connections to the STEM curriculum as well. One way is to allow students the opportunity to try their hand at coding. May I present, Sphero, the robotic ball:


Sphero is an app-enabled ball that allows students to code as a means to make Sphero do what they want, such as drive through a maze. Students are able to have fun, but are also learning key STEM principles. Our Sphero has been given the name Chuck Lawrence. We are all very fond of Chuck so far, and have spent the past 2 weeks learning how Chuck works, and how we can use the different apps that are associated with Sphero.

Today we learned how the Sphero can do the Hokey Pokey. I must say, he is pretty good at it! We also took him for a spin around the library (without hitting any obstacles), which is harder than it looks! Watch the video below:



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