A Small Makeover

I’ve given myself the past few months to see how the library is utilized by students, classes, teachers, and outside organizations. With this knowledge I have slowly been making long-term goals of how to transform the library to adapt to the needs of the school and community.

My first goal has been to create a “maker space”, essentially a space where people make things. These spaces, primarily in public libraries, but making their way into school libraries, provide the tools for people to tinker, experiment, create, make mistakes, and test ideas. This space will create curriculum connections with the STEM program in place, but will also create connections with STEAM (STEM with Art).

The process of creating this space has been a multi-step journey and will continue into the next year. I took an underutilized area of the library, and opened it up by moving the giant Smartboard that has taken residence there for years. Now I have access to a large white board, shelf space, and cabinets, all will be useful for a maker space. With a little bit of paint, and some further cleaning, I think this nook in the library will become something really special for the the students and staff. Thanks to our AMAZING custodial staff I now have a space that looks fresh and bright! I would love to use the space below the upper shelves to have a custom sign made in the future when a name has been designated for the maker space. I have ideas, but am keeping them a secret for now!

image1 (10)

Future home of the “maker space” (name TBD). Before (top picture) and after (bottom picture). A fresh coat of paint always makes things look brighter! Don’t mind the mess, still finding room for everything that has been living on that shelf for years!

Next week on Wednesday after school I will hold the first Maker Club meeting, where students will be able to try out some of the library’s new gadgets – littleBits and Sphero.


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