Maker Club Begins!

Yesterday, about 15 students came to the library for the first ever meeting of Maker Club. Students were given a few directions – clean up after yourselves, share the gadgets, be creative and don’t be afraid to fail, and have fun! I then let them loose to test out the littleBits, Sphero, and craft supplies including some coloring books promising to aid with stress relief. Students worked together and independently to create projects, whether from a set of directions or from their imagination. An obstacle course was built out of books and book trucks to drive the Sphero through, a working car was built out of the littleBits, radios were created out of circuits and iPhones, and more! The hour flew by and students asked for more time and more meetings! Right now we will be meeting once a month until the library has more supplies to cover demand. Next month I hope to offer challenges to the students to complete within the hour.


Figuring out Sphero

image1 (13)

Getting creative with the ltitleBits space set


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