Welcome Back!

Welcome back to staff and 8th graders, and welcome to the new 7th graders! The library has undergone some pretty big changes in the past few months. While it will most likely be another month or so until everything is in its place, I am excited for the changes!

One huge change, is that most of the desktop computers are gone. We now have a compact area of 8 computers to be used solely for printing, and another computer just for library catalog use. Students will now work on Chromebooks in the library, which I hope will encourage more collaboration among students.

A new Smartboard is arriving today, which means the library classroom will be easily flexible, which it has not in the past. Many students were unable to see the Smartboard because it was too heavy to move about the room.

The last big change are new items to the Makerspace that I am still setting up. The Makerbot 3D printer just printed its first item…a small Pokemon, what else!? And, I will be putting out craft supplies, circuits, and more Spheros as the month rolls on. Once everything is all set, the first meeting of Maker Club should be the end of September!