New Year, New Maker Club!

We had our first Maker Club meeting of the school year, and students quickly jumped back into the “maker mindset”. The library has a lot of new technologies and crafts this year…and an hour was just not enough time for students to test out everything!


The newest supplies ready for the students!


The Spheros are ready to go! They are color-coded and each attached to a specific iPad. 


While Maker Club very much values finding your own way, and taking risks, we still need to have a few rules!

Students jumped right in to testing out the Spheros, checking out the newest littleBits, and learning how to use Tinkercad, a design program for our new 3D printer. Some students wanted to try everything, while some were happy to spend the hour just using one item.


Students were excited to see lots of new littleBits and origami paper!


So many options, so little time!


Students designing objects with Tinkercad, that we could later 3D print!


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