Maker Club GROWS!

We had our December meeting of Maker Club yesterday, and WOW…we had 23 students attend! Usually attendance has averaged around 10 students, but 23!? …just, WOW! I was not at all prepared for that many students, but they all easily found something to tinker with and I didn’t even have to speak to anyone about sharing the gadgets. Students were learning how to use Tinkercad to design an object for the 3D printer, many raced Spheros down the hall outside the library, and littleBits and Perler Beads were also used! I envision this club growing even more in the next few months, so it looks like I will be purchasing some more gadgets!


Spheros, Tinkercad, and littleBits, OH MY!


Using littleBits to make A LOT of noise!


Having fun with Perler Beads!


Buddha Board and Tinkercad.


Spheros could be seen racing in the hallways.


The hallway proved to be the perfect race track!


Getting Creative with the 3D Printer

This past week Mr. Heller’s 8th grade STEM class spent their time in the library learning how to use the design program, Tinkercad, as means to print their very own 3D creation on our Makerbot printer. While a few students used Tinkercad last year, most had not even heard of it. Students signed themselves into my online classroom where they were able to follow tutorials on creating objects such as ornaments and keychains. The program can be difficult to use at first, but over the few days, students got much better at manipulating objects and even helped each other learn new tricks within the program.


The finished products! Lots of name keychains, a few ornaments, a beaker hall pass, and even an iPhone holder. 

Maker Club meets again today, where we will attempt to build a Mars rover out of littleBits circuits and craft supplies. In January we will have a 3-week program where students will design miniature houses using sticks, stones, shells, leaves, and of course circuits and 3D printed designs from the library. That is something very fun to look forward to after the holidays.

The makerspace items have moved a bit within the library as I look for the best configuration for the students. Our new space involves stools and a “bar” area for students to work at, and it seems like a hit so far!