Perler Beads are Taking Over the Library!

I decided to purchase Perler Beads this year. Library Media Specialist, Diana Rendina of Renovated Learning appeared to be having good success with them in her makerspace. I purchase a large tub of the beads and a few pegboards, and decided to see what would happen. A few students started trying them out, and throughout the past few months they have exploded! Everyone has been busy after school and during lunch creating new designs, including Pokemon, anime characters, animals, and symbols. I have even started my first design!

Not only has this been a very fun art project, but it has promoted teamwork in the library, and helped to create a calmer atmosphere. Students help each other find designs using the Chromebooks and assist one another in sorting beads so everyone has the colors they need. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this craft! It’s easy, calming, fun, and low maintenance, and the design possibilities are endless! I’ve recently ordered more pegboards and more black beads (the most popular color), so more students may enjoy this activity. Keep the creative juices flowing! image1-21


New Playaways

The library received a shipment of new Playaways today! Included are a few summer reading titles and required reading for the 7th and 8th graders. Hopefully this will be an asset to students that find it easier to listen to a book. Happy listening! image1-19