Are you a Greaser or a Soc?

All 7th graders at Lawrence read The Outsiders. Here’s a secret, I have never read it, but the students love it so much I almost feel like I have read it at this point! Before Thanksgiving break, the 7th graders were given the option to dress up as a Greaser or Soc. The halls were filled with jean jackets, slicked back hair, and poodle skirts and cardigans. Book Club decided, since they would already be dressed up, why not shoot a small video for The Outsiders? I thought it was an awesome idea!

At my old public library, the Teen Advisory Group I ran had the idea to create short videos (and by short, I mean only 6 seconds) that would provide a quick plot overview of the required reading books at the high school. I loved this idea, because they were forced to break down a book into the main plot points, and the students were able to get a bit creative with it. I told the Lawrence Book Club about this, and they loved they idea, so we decided to try our hand with The Outsiders. Filming a video in only 7-seconds is definitely a challenge, but Book Club took on the challenge and the video was created in a mere 15 minutes! Enjoy!


Speed Dating! …with a book

The 7th graders might be a little young to start speed dating, but when you’re speed dating with a book, no one is too young! Mrs. Hennessy’s class read a book of their choice, created a dating profile for their book, and then went on many “dates” to try and find “the one”. Many students had amazing dates, and left school with a new date in hand (and by date, I mean BOOK). The library was lucky enough to be given some of the book posters to hang up….come check them out, and see if you can find your perfect match. ❤

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