Maker Club Wraps Up!

The time has come…we had our last meeting of Maker Club yesterday. ūüė¶ Students finished their fairy houses, perler bead projects, and littleBits creations. The fairy house project had been called “Miniature House Design” because honestly, I wasn’t sure that middle school students would want to make a fairy house. I thought they might be too cool for that. Turns out, they think they are cool, so calling them fairy houses didn’t bother anyone! Anyway, the fairy houses turned out awesome. The plan had been to showcase them at Highfield Hall next year, BUT a student just told me HH only runs their fairy house program every other year. BUT, why not bring the masses to Lawrence to showcase fairy houses?? I think we have a new idea on our hands!

When we first collected our nature materials, my office very closely resembled a forest…


While I am glad to have my office back, the project really was very fun and I am excited to amp it up next year!

Enjoy some of the creations:

Welcome, June!

Wow, it’s June. The summer is SO close, and we’ve been busy in the library with projects! MCAS testing just finished, so the library is open again full-time. We FINALLY finished our Stick Together project, and Maker Club has started working on miniature houses made using materials found in nature (and in the library). Enjoy the pictures below of our last few weeks!

image1 (28)

Building miniature houses. Students are working on a mansion and a house boat!

image1 (29)

A 7th grader has started construction on a tree house

image1 (30)

In just one hour, this tree house looks AMAZING! Also, I can’t believe it’s standing!

image1 (31)

A group of Totoros using Perler Beads!

image1 (32)


image1 (33)

It’s that time of year…all library books are due FRIDAY!

I’ve Got An Idea!

I love seeing students’ creativity in the makerspace. I’ve mentioned before, the Perler Beads are a hot commodity. Many students find templates of their favorite characters online so they can copy that, but others wing it entirely and come up with some awesome designs! The particular student below always makes his own designs, and I thought this light bulb was just awesome…it looks straight out of a cartoon! Well done!


Stick Together

We have a new library project for students (and staff)…Stick Together! Today a bunch of designs came in the mail and we can slowly piece the pictures together with stickers. It’s really a perfect craft project for this library since students are always coming and going. They can add stickers whenever they feel like it…just one sticker or many!¬†We made a tiny bit of progress today on our first picture, and have found it very relaxing. Happy stickering!

image1 (27)

Hot Air Balloons will be our first Stick Together project!

Quickfire Challenge – Paper Airplanes

This week our Maker Club Quickfire Challenge was to create the best paper airplane. Students had 10 minutes and could choose from 3 different types of paper. They were able to look up tutorials if they wanted, but were not allowed to use any tape, staples, etc. Students found creative ways to crease the edges of their planes (placing the plane under a chair), and were ready to fly them down the hall when their time was up. The top 3 winners chose a candy prize!


Maker Club – Quickfire Challenge Edition

I decided, late at night when I couldn’t sleep, I needed to add something to Maker Club. The students and I have talked about challenges for them to complete, but when push comes to shove and I offer them a challenge, they’d rather tinker on their own. I started thinking about cooking shows on the Food Network, and the small challenges the contestants participate in before their elimination challenge, thus, the quickfire challenge was created.

Each Maker Club, the quickfire challenge will change, and students will never know beforehand what the challenge is. Students will be given 10 minutes to complete a challenge. Some will be group challenges, some will be individual, prizes will be awarded to at least 3 students every time. Every student must participate, and may not touch the Spheros, littleBits, etc. until the challenge is finished.

Last week students were excited for the “Marshmallow Challenge”. Students created teams and were given marshmallows and toothpicks. Their directions were: in 10 minutes they needed to work together to build the tallest structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks. At the end of 10 minutes the structure must be standing so I could measure it. Simple, but FUN!

We had 3 teams, each with a different number of students. The team with the most students won, which was my hypothesis, but the team with the smallest number of students actually came in 2nd. Each team worked differently. On one team, ¬†all students worked separately and then tried to piece everything together at the end…*SPOILER*, their tower collapsed. One team built a structure that wasn’t very stable, but then kept adding around the outside to balance it. The last team had their tower collapse many times, but because they had the most people, they were able to troubleshoot and rebuild. It was fun to watch, and I am excited for the next challenge at the end of March.

image1 (23)image2 (1)image3

Perler Beads are Taking Over the Library!

I decided to purchase Perler Beads this year. Library Media Specialist, Diana Rendina of Renovated Learning appeared to be having good success with them in her makerspace. I purchase a large tub of the beads and a few pegboards, and decided to see what would happen. A few students started trying them out, and throughout the past few months they have exploded! Everyone has been busy after school and during lunch creating new designs, including Pokemon, anime characters, animals, and symbols. I have even started my first design!

Not only has this been a very fun art project, but it has promoted teamwork in the library, and helped to create a calmer atmosphere. Students help each other find designs using the Chromebooks and assist one another in sorting beads so everyone has the colors they need. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this craft! It’s easy, calming, fun, and low maintenance, and the design possibilities are endless! I’ve recently ordered more pegboards and more black beads (the most popular color), so more students may enjoy this activity. Keep the creative juices flowing!¬†image1-21